Two American short hair cats ages 2.5 and 3.5, orange and white/gray need to be rehomed. If you are a pet lover and would give them a warm and caring home reach out to me!
He is more aloof than his littermates. Allows pets and attention on his terms, but he'll just move away when he's had enough. He will sleep close by at night, loves a soft blanket to suckle on. You can get his attention with cat treats, canned food, and a wand cat toy he can be won over. Would recommend a quieter home for him to blossom. He's been exposed to a respectful large dog and will slee...
Polar Bear (aka Bear) loves everything about life (well, except going to the vet). He loves attention, loves to play, loves having visitors, loves snuggles. He loves to eat and is learning to slow down and enjoy his food. ##1752088##
Misty was named after the song Misty by Frank Sinatra, because they both have blue eyes. Misty has a fetish with hair ties. She will climb up behind her human and pull out the hair tie to play with it. Misty loves snuggles, loves to play, and loves having visitors. She gets along great with her kitty siblings. ##1752086##
ARI What an adorable face!! Ari is still a little shy but with an experienced cat owner and a little 1-on-1 "TLC" he will show you his true sweet self. Ari enjoys naps and being pet during his sleeping hours. You will often find Ari belly up and asle...
CORA Birthday 5/1/23 See that "C" on my front leg? That stands for CUTE CORA!!! This cutie-patootie will shower you with loves, kisses and cuddles!! All she wants is attention and your affection. She is a wonderful little kitty, just wants her foreve...
Tabby and her siblings were born on May 17th. This is a wonderful litter of kittens: so sweet, playful, and loving!
Goofy and his siblings were born on May 17th. This is a wonderful litter of kittens: so sweet, playful, and loving!
we are moving to another state and we aren't able to take her with us, she is very sweet, gets along with other cats but it will take her a minute. I believe she's 2 years old and very active. She loves cuddles and to play (she does have a few toys that will come with her and some other things we bought for her.)
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